About Us

Welcome to our website, my name is Veerpal Kaur. On this website I have created a variety of Japanese emoticons using Japanese characters and symbols. My main goal was to make this website for my family members and school, college friends. Those who want to use their online chat activities japanese emoticon.

About Me

My name is Veerpal Kaur, I am a blogger from Punjab, Mansa, Kourewala. I am 40 years old and I am a housewife. I love to combine Japanese and English language and many more symbols to create a Japanese emoticons. So far I have created more than a thousand japanese emoticons. Which I have shared on this (www.japaneseemoticon.com) website. You use japanese emoticon online chat activity. Or you can make any of your social media profiles beautiful. I hope you like my japanese emoticons.

You can always contact us for any queries related to our Japaneseemoticon.com website